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Providing Vital Parts & Repair for Centrifuges

Hot Milk / Cold Milk Separation

Centrifuge Parts and Repair (CPR) has a long and great reputation in the dairy industry, especially with hot milk separators and cold milk separators. Hot milk and cold milk separation. As they are accurately described, hot milk separation is done at higher temperatures, and cold separation is performed at lower temperatures. Hot milk, being less viscous than cold milk, can go through the separator faster, which increases production. Hot milk separation is often integrated into the milk pasteurization process. Hot milk separation is preferred by many dairies for the increased production, but cold milk separation has its own unique advantages and is thus preferred by others. Cold milk separation can allow for longer production runs and can reduce the growth of bacteria.

We work with dairies all across the United States, that are doing both hot milk separation and cold milk separation. We provide a wide range of service and have a stock of thousands of both OEM and Aftermarket parts available for immediate use or shipping. We know the dairy industry requires fast action and reliable service, and CPR is known for our expertise and responsiveness, which allows customers to focus on their core business, rather than maintaining machinery. We are your true Partner in the on-going effort to keep you up and running efficiently! We provide Parts, Rebuild Kits, Service and Supplies for all brands of high speed disc stack centrifuges / separators, including:

Centrifuge Parts and Repair knows the dairy markets and your hot milk or cold milk separator needs! Explore our website to learn more about our capabilities and offerings, and check back often as we are continuing to build out this site.

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