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Centrifuge Parts and Repair News

Remote Virtual Technicians Offered by Centrifuge Parts and Repair During the Coronavirus Crisis

MARCH 2020 – During this challenging Coronavirus Crisis, Centrifuge Parts and Repair (CPR) is offering “Virtual Technicians” if nobody is currently being allowed into the plant. Via Skype, Facetime or other means, CPR’s Technicians can interface with the internal maintenance team to help guide them through some basic repairs and issues. This is an exciting new service that works well when direct access to the centrifuge system is not possible. Handling service or repair issues in this manner requires highly experienced and well trained Technicians, like those at Centrifuge Parts and Repair. Contact CPR today to set up a virtual service session!

Centrifuge Parts and Repair Launches New Website

MARCH 2020 – The new Centrifuge Parts and Repair website will offer a wealth of information regarding the company’s parts and services options, the brands and types of equipment commonly worked on, etc. This site will make it very easy to order common parts, as well as major and minor rebuild kits, plus it will explain the differences between the OEM and Aftermarket parts offered. Eventually, the CPR website will provide a comprehensive list of all the parts sold, and will include a simple online store or form to make ordering easier. Lastly, the new website is a Responsive coded site making it easy to access and use from any mobile device, including smart phones and tablets. The goal for the CPR website is for it to be an extension of the prompt and personalized service the company offers over the phone and in person.

Centrifuge Parts and Repair Hires 20-Year Industry Veteran

AUGUST 2019 – Centrifuge Parts and Repair hires Bob Carmichael for a key management position with the company. Bob is a 20-year veteran of centrifuge parts, repairs and service sales. He will join the management team to support the robust operational service footprint of Trucent with service facilities spanning across North America, including Canada and Mexico. Bob will focus his efforts on expanding current parts and service operations to support high speed disc stack centrifuges in a diverse range of industries.

Trucent Establishes the Centrifuge Parts and Repair Company

JULY 2019 – Centrifuge Parts and Repair (CPR) was established as a company in 2019, as a wholy owned company of Trucent Inc., who has been serving industry for 30 years with disc stack centrifuges. The CPR staff also has specific knowledge in centrifuge parts and repair, representing almost 100 years of combined experience. Forming the company has enabled Trucent to market this expertise and continued customer support that is unparalleled in this business. We are truly a one-stop provider of expertise, support, parts and knowledgeable field service staff for ALL makes of high speed disc centrifuges, including Alfa-Laval, Westphalia (GEA), SPX / Seital, and Tetra Pak. This new Trucent company will also be responsible for maintaining the hundreds of centrifuge systems the company has installed in the oil and gas industry and elsewhere. CPR services include complete machine rebuilds, bowl balancing, repairs and more, using both OEM and Aftermarket parts, accessories and supplies. Centrifuge Parts and Repair is an important new company for Trucent.